Quality control service

The process of quality control of a product begins before placing the purchase order to the manufacturer, when the exact characteristics of the article and packaging are established. For this, both the customer and the Shanghai Awarecon Quality Control team must receive a sample. In this way, they can share the impressions of the product and agree with the factory all the details (color, thickness, shape, logos, materials, etc.). Once the agreement of each of these points with the supplier has been made, the order is confirmed.

In the next step, our team will be responsible for carrying out a set of tests, which will depend on the type of product and the particular requirements of the client. This can be done in the Quality Controls during the production and / or when the merchandise is already finished.

The service includes:

  • Displacement to the factory.
  • Exam of the products following the specifications indicated by the client.
  • Confirmation of the quantities produced.
  • Sending a photo report of the tests and evaluations of the merchandise.
  • If it’s necessary, the producer would be instructed to correct the defects found.

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