28 June, 2018
Canton Fair

Recommendations to make the trip to the Canton Fair a successful experience

Attending an International  Exhibition as Canton Fair is an experience from which you can obtain great benefits. Not only because of the contact with the suppliers […]
26 June, 2018
agente logístico | Logistic agent

Logistic agents: what we should expect from them?

As usual in this blog, we are delighted to inform you properly about the meaning of each term concerning the importing matter.  For that reason, today […]
25 June, 2018
proveedores en China | Supplier in China

Suppliers in China. Does the perfect supplier exist?

Every company has a different function. When we look for a supplier in China, we must be clear in recognizing that person or company have what […]
23 June, 2018
informe de auditoria | Audit report

Inform of audit for your company and its content to achieve success

The audit report allows for the verification of a fact, or circumstance, in accordance to what had been projected. The points we normally mention in the […]
15 June, 2018
Vender online en China | Sale online

How to Sale Online in China

Most of the international companies are actively present in the digital markets of Europe and USA. However, not all of them are in China. This is […]
15 June, 2018
mercancia golpeada | claim compensation for damages goods

How to claim compensation for damages goods?

When we import from China, one of the things we are exposed to – especially when we do not order quality control – is that some […]
15 June, 2018
Importar desde China | Import from China

What products are good to import from China?

If you’re reading this post, that’s because you have intentions to import from China, but you don’t know what products are good enough to do it. […]
15 June, 2018
Estafadores en China | Swindlers in China

Swindlers in China: How to recognize them?

Knowing how to detect danger is essential to avoid falling into a deception. Such  as that of the swindlers in China. Thanks to computers, one of […]
15 June, 2018
tipos de proveedores | Chinese suppliers

Chinese Suppliers: what to expect from any of them

Having visualized the objective for our company, it’s an easy task to select the suitable supplier. When going for the first time to a factory in […]