25 October, 2018

Minimum order quantity in China: how to reduce MOQ?

Negotiating with a supplier will never be easy, above all when we talk about the amount of production we want to do with it. Generally, your […]
25 October, 2018

The main difference between FOB and EXW in China.

If you ask anyone a question about the difference between FOB y EXW, most people will tell you that at EXW the supplier delivers the goods […]
20 October, 2018

Requirements to open a WFOE in China

One of the problems that for many years we foreigners had to enter the Chinese market was how difficult it was to open a company without […]
18 October, 2018
Comprar productos plásticos

To buy plastic products in China

There is not an industry more expanded than the plastic industry. We mean that, if you want to buy electronic products you go to Shenzen, if […]
17 October, 2018

Importing metallic products from China: a shopping paradise

Even if we do not notice it, our days are full of articles that have metallic parts and until a new material comes out to replace […]
17 October, 2018

Chemical imports from China: many want, just but a few can

In the world we live in, there are infinite industries that use chemical products in their production processes (pharmaceutical industry, food processing, and preservation, paint and […]
17 October, 2018
búsqueda de proveedores y auditoría a fábricas

Supplier Search and Factory Audit: Which service is more necessary?

In almost 10 years of work offering services to importers, more than once we have met customers who ask us if after having a search for […]
28 June, 2018
Canton Fair

Recommendations to make the trip to the Canton Fair a successful experience

Attending an International  Exhibition as Canton Fair is an experience from which you can obtain great benefits. Not only because of the contact with the suppliers […]
26 June, 2018
agente logístico | Logistic agent

Logistic agents: what we should expect from them?

As usual in this blog, we are delighted to inform you properly about the meaning of each term concerning the importing matter.  For that reason, today […]